Consulting for Doctoral Students

One of the core tasks of the Statistical Consulting Service at WU Vienna is consulting for doctoral students. We offer support in applying appropriate methods in quantitative-empirical doctoral projects, help in assuring correct statistical planning and lend know-how to doctoral students with respect to methodological questions.

For doctoral students, we offer 5 hours of consulting free of charge.


  1. Approach the Service and register the project
  2. Make an appointment for a first meeting
  3. Optionally arrange additional meetings

It is very important that the client obtains approval of his or her supervisor before putting the advice and suggestions of the consultants into practice. The consultants are not able to act as a second supervisor. Furthermore, the consulting service reserves its right to decide how, when and to which extent consulting is appropriate. This explicitly includes refusal of consulting.

The consultants aim to provide consulting and solutions with the best intentions. Nevertheless, no warranty is issued by the consulting service or its employees regarding the correctness of the advice or usage by the client. This explicitly includes the application of the consulting advice on empirical and methodological parts in a thesis or a paper. The client is solely responsible for everything that he or she adopts from consulting and the way it is carried out. Therefore, no claim for damages is warranted.

If the Statistical Consulting Service or any of its employees is mentioned by name in publications, ackowledgement etc., please first consult with the Statistical Consulting Service.

Last change: 11-07-2012, Thomas Rusch