Areas of Consulting

The Statistical Consulting Service tries to offer consulting in a broad range of topics which can be considered standard methods. This includes the most popular and important techniques in social and economical sciences to collect, prepare and analyse data. Besides the correct and tailored application of statistical methods, strong emphasis is put on planning and conducting empirical studies to lower additional expenditure when it comes to analysing data.

It is therefore recommended that the consulting service is called on at an as early as possible stage of the project.

Additionally, the Consulting Service offers consulting by "experts" for problems and questions that are to be considered non-standard. "Experts" are faculty members of the Institute, who have advanced knowledge in these areas. This enables us to support even problems that need additional methodological research or development of new methods, which should happen in research cooperations and aims at publication of the results.

Last change:26-10-2010, Thomas Rusch